Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The New York Times Expands On My Argument, Again

Maybe I should start a Colbert-esque "Who's Ripping Me Off Now" bit, except then Colbert could do a segment on how I'm ripping off his segment. Also, it always seems to be the New York Times ripping me off, so that would get old. No sooner do I write a post than a week or so later the Times writes a whole article or editorial on it.
This time it's a preview article from the NYT Magazine asking "Can Pakistan Be Governed?" It's a good article full of interesting anecdotes, but they take nine pages to argue what I discussed in one blog post, "Dearth of Pakistani Leadership."
In short, President Zardari is corrupt, incompetent, self-interested, and weak. Former Prime Minister and curent opposition leader Sharif is a populist who blows in the winds of a country who's people hate the United States. Army Chief Kayani could either be the savior of the country, or its worst enemy, since he is the former head of ISI. Chaudhry seems smart, committed to democracy, honest, and principled, having stood up to both Musharraf and Zardari and united a good deal of the population behind him (including Sharif for as long as it is politically convenient). Could the United States help him move up from Chief Justice to President, or does he have skeletons in his closet too?

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