Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New York Times Follows My Lead

Today's New York Times addresses the same topic I wrote about a month ago and draws largely the same conclusion: the United States should set a goal of reducing its nuclear arsenal to 1,000 deployed warheads as an example to other current and potentially nuclear-weapons powers.
Mr. Bush and then-President Vladimir Putin signed only one arms-control agreement in eight years. It allowed both sides to keep between 1,700 and 2,200 deployed warheads. Further cuts — 1,000 each makes sense for the next phase — would send a clear message to Iran, North Korea and other wannabes that the world’s two main nuclear powers are placing less value on nuclear weapons.
I won't go in to a Colbert-esque rant about "who's snubbing me now" but it is nice to have gotten there first. The Times focuses more on Russia, North Korea, and Iran and fails to address the example it would set for India and Pakistan, especially in advance of the 2010 NPT conference. Next time their editorial board should call me for my opinion!

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