Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Piracy News

Because everyone can't seem to get enough pirate news suddenly, here are some of my favorite links:
A U.S.-flagged cargo ship loaded with food aid for Africa successfully fended off (or rather ignored the pirates and kept going until the pirates got frustrated and left) a pirate attack. The pirates shot the ship up pretty badly with automatic weapons and RPGs, but with nothing valuable to steal and the crew not available to kidnap (and the U.S. Navy on the way) the pirates abandoned their efforts.
The French Navy captured eleven pirates. Hurray for multilateralism!
An article on the Foreign Policy website explains the economics of piracy.
Meanwhile realist scholar Stephen Walt argues that piracy is a minor issue that should be ignored as much as possible while dealing with more pressing matters. I tend to agree with this point, it's not a major issue. Last night I described it as something we could put a band-aid on--a multilateral band-aid.
(piracy map from the International Chamber of Commerce)

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