Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taliban's Questionable Tactics

I am of course encouraged by the news that in parts of Pakistan, such as Dir, people are standing up to the Taliban (although I suspect a little wishful thinking by the reporter is also involved). I also applaud the Pakistani military's efforts to back up those home-grown uprisings against the Taliban (though they need to improve their aim to the point that they are helping, not killing, the population). 
But what are the Taliban thinking? Bombing a mosque won't encourage the population to side with you. How does that encourage people to be more observant and go to the mosque more often? Is their argument "the government can't protect you from us, so you should side with us?" A weak argument at best. The larger bombing of a hotel popular among foreigners I can understand on the premise that it might discourage foreigners from coming and providing aid, but a mosque? Just who is providing the strategic thinking for the Taliban?

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