Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Truly Impressive Obama Skill

Piggybacking on Tom Ricks' notation of an interview President Obama did with Dawn of Pakistan in which he notes that he knows how to cook South Asian (looks like Punjabi) food I just wanted to say "wow." Being able to cook at all when you are charging full speed ahead in a career that gets you to the White House in your first half century is pretty impressive. How many different cultures can he cook from? One would guess some traditional Indonesian food, as well as some native Hawaiian dishes, and "traditional" Chicago foods (can he cook a deep dish pizza?). He's certainly been making the rounds of some fine DC eateries (and packing them for weeks). Will he check out the hot DC Indian joint Rasika?
On Friday celebrity Iron Chef and grill master extraordinaire Bobby Flay showed the President a few tricks on the grill. How great would it be for an Indian or Indian-American (or Pakistani or Pakistani-American) chef to be invited to the White House to cook with him? That would truly be an example of Obama's personal soft power.

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