Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mainstream Media Asks About Afghanistan Plan

Washington Post writer Dan Froomkin has picked up my point about changing generals not really being a change in plans. 

President Obama still doesn't have an exit strategy for Afghanistan. Thebenchmarks he promised over six weeks ago are still anyone's guess.But yesterday he certainly took some decisive action: He fired his top general there -- right in the middle of a war.You could see this as a good sign, I guess -- as a evidence of a healthy recognition by Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates that more of the just same wasn't going to cut it in Afghanistan.But -- especially if you consider the aforementioned lack of an exit strategy and benchmarks -- you might also see this as an indication that Obama has committed himself to a mission in Afghanistan that isn't actually achievable. 
I'm glad they're picking up the ball and noticing that key point. Hopefully soon someone will actually ask the Administration about the lack of an actual plan. 

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