Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bhutto's Niece on Zardari

Fatima Bhutto, Benazir's niece, has a nice article over at The Argument. She too believes that President Zardari's government is playing a dangerous game in order to milk the United States for more money (and further enrich himself, assuming Mr. Ten Percent is skimming his usual amount). 
With one hand, Zardari gave the militants what they wanted -- no vote or referendum was held -- and Taliban law was imposed on the Swat Valley by force. With the other, Zardari pointed a crooked finger at the rise of fundamentalism and capitalized on a golden opportunity to bring the nation’s elite back into the government’s obsequiously pro-American fold.
It's nice to have a Pakistani willing to admit that Pakistan deserves some of the blame for what has happened to their country (although she blames one man exclusively), but it is still a woe-is-me, look what my evil uncle has done to the country reaction. It would be very interesting to hear Ms. Bhutto's proposed solutions from either a Pakistani or a U.S. perspective.

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